In my designs we can appreciate a minimalistic approach to design which creates a modern-classic aesthetic, and tends to appeal to a younger sophisticated audience. I found most of my inspiration from fashion and technology.



I was born in San Diego and raised in the the city of Tijuana, Mexico. I studied in Tijuana until my high school sophomore year and I graduated with honors from San Jacinto High school. After High School I went to Mt. San Jacinto college where I completed my general education. After that, I transfered to the University of San Diego into marketing. Finally, I transfered to Cal State University, San Bernardino where I graduated from Graphic Design and Marketing Class '14. By being raised on the border I was exposed to various artistic influences which I consider were I got most of my influences from. I consider that my designs have a clean aesthetic depending on the needs of the design. I am attracted to a corporate identity and advertisement design.



Alejandro Gallegos

graphic designer / marketer